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The Twentieth Century Ideology Follies:

How Noble Ideals Became Radical Political Dogma 
Paperback – February 4, 2016 - by Dr. Glenn A Bassett (Author)

Ideology Follies describes how complex programs of social change coalesced into political movements for economic revolution in the twentieth century. Socialism, Communism and Capitalism broke onto the political scene as fully formed systems of social order, ready to be imposed on existing political cultures of nation states. In a rush of social experiment, Ideology became the battering ram of political change, overtaking most Western nations in a burst of innovative economics. Within the boundaries of the twentieth century, Communism arose and self-destructed. Social policy became the de facto norm of democratic government and Capitalism became the religion of greed. FDR’s New Deal Socialism challenged unregulated Capitalism in an uneasy dance of political compromise. Students for a Democratic Society demonstrated for greater social equality. Ayn Rand penned her widely read Capitalist manifesto, Atlas Shrugged. Once noble ideals morphed into rigid political dogma. Ideology has now emerged as the new philosophical norm challenging even Democracy itself.

By Dr.Glenn A. Bassett

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Dr. Basset's latest book, WordPlay 
is a compilation of the most salient research that pertains to language use.  It is a layman’s introduction to psycholinguistics.   The emphasis is on how words shape behavior and become the substance of the mind.  This is knowledge of those habits of mind that can interfere with straight, clear thinking. 

The Manager's Craft
By Dr.Glenn A. Bassett
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About The Manager's Craft:
In a world where technology and globalization are transforming the business landscape at a dizzying pace, one thing will never change, and that's the importance of knowing how to effectively manage the people and teams that comprise your human capital. 

Navigating the challenges and opportunities involved requires a high level of skill. 

Enter The Manager's Craft  -- an essential  guide for working managers at all levels seeking sound, reliable, tested advice designed to support efficient, high performing operations.  

The Manager's Craft is also written  for:   

* Business and management professors seeking supplementary reading for their students.

* Students of business and management seeking a better understanding of their courses.

* Employees who want a better understanding of the dynamic forces that shape their workplace and working lives.

* Working managers at all levels of organization who want to clarify their experience against sound management research and experience.

* Anyone interested in how workplace and organizational practices have evolved through the twentieth century. 


FROM   The New London Day, June 17, 2012:

....."Authority is the fundamental lever of control in the pursuit of business goals and objectives," Bassett said in his book, available on "It gets the job done."

Bassett, who bases much of his book on scientific findings, pointed out that a boss's right to hire, fire and discipline stands behind every decision made, instruction given or rule enforced.

"More careers are stalled, more anger and confusion is generated, more time is wasted through the inept use of authority than from any other source," he writes. "A personal need to possess and exercise authority distracts and confuses the manager who fears appearing weak or lacking resolve in its use.

Bassett said the key for a manager is maintaining balance....."

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 Readers are saying:

"This is the most practical book on management of people that I have ever read...An excellent book. I have my son reading it now as we embark on an ambitious growth plan for our aircraft engine operation. I am sure it will help." 

--  Geoffrey Etherington, CEO/Owner, Etherington Industries

    "The Manager’s Craft should be part of every business management capstone course.  This book takes an unapologetic look at the challenges that all managers face in the workplace.  Dr. Bassett gives the reader a realistic analysis of manager’s challenges, including a topic that has become taboo in today’s business schools, reward and punishment.  The book gives a critical analysis of many productivity studies of the past, and in so doing points out the strong and weak points of each study.  Dr. Bassett applies the results of those studies and gives the reader an assessment that can be applied to today’s work environment.

    As an entrepreneur of a small company with fifteen employees, I wish I read this book before starting my business as it would have saved me considerable headaches and a lot of expensive lessons.  The beauty of the Manager’s Craft is its relevance to managers of both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies."

--  Leigh William Gesick, President, SMT International, LLC

     The Manger’s Craft is a well written, thoughtfully presented book covering principles of successful management. Anyone involved in management in any way will be well served by reading and putting into action the principles outlined.

     The subject matter is presented clearly, the book is very readable, and many real life situations were included to illustrate the author’s point. It offers guidance in key areas of management that can be mine fields.
     The control and the exercise of power is one example. Here, “The Manager’s Craft” guides the reader on how to be considerate while being effective. Sustaining productivity is essential and here again, the reader is given concrete examples of what does and does not work. The author also describes enumerable ways to build and retain commitment.
     The Manager’s Craft should be in every manager’s library.  I wish it had been available when I was the manager of a small business."

 -- Bill McLaughlin, Branch Manager, Heavy Equipment Sales & Service, Lyme, CT

     "While easy to read, don't underestimate this books content. It will be worth spending quality time thinking and relating as you read.
"The Managers Craft" should be required reading in an MBA program as well as for anyone new to a management role. Even experienced managers will benefit from using its content to test the validity of established policies or to consider solutions to new problems.

      Anyone who reads, absorbs, adapts, and implements the "crafts" put forth will count their acquisition of this book as one of their better moves.  It can be empowering."

 -- Lawrence Morse (retired senior executive, national network of financial computer centers)

      "The vast majority of the stuff I've encountered in this field consisted of one man's particular "take" on the subject; usually catering to the simplistic , pop culture approach -ie. facile answers to complex problems. This book offers no quick fix but rather a cogent , in depth analysis of the subject.

      The writing itself is concise , clear, well organized, well illustrated and flowing with ease and grace from one point to the next."
--  Eric Rickard (former HR specialist in Training and Development




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